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SAM4s SAP-630F with SAM4pos Application

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Product Description

The Hybrid SAM4s SAP-630F Cash Register POS System offers the best mix of features and functions

Building on the popularity of the legacy models SPS-530F and SPS-520F we released the SAP-630F with SAM4pos. This system keeps the best parts of a cash register like a large flat keyboard and built in printer with the popular features of a POS system like a large touch screen and reports that can be filtered by date range.

Restaurants Love the SAM4s SAP-630F system because it was designed with food service in mind

This system leverages a very large flat keyboard to display your menu items to your cashiers and servers. This allows them to easily sell the item by just pressing the button. When we program your system we create the keyboard with speed and accuracy in mind. To those ends we group your menu items together and color code them. This helps cashiers and servers locate items very quickly. If those items will need to print in the kitchen we display the modifiers on the large touch screen. This again allows your cashiers and servers to quickly and accurately place your customers order.

Every type of restaurant can use this powerful hybrid POS system. This system is at home in Quick Service, Table Service, Drive thrus and cafeterias and more. If speed and accuracy is important which we all know it is then you won't find a more efficient system. Adding on the value added options will just make this system even better at handling the busiest lunch rush and dinner crush. Integrating credit card payments speeds up transactions while bringing a high level of accuracy. Your cashiers and and servers will simply press the corrrect payment button on the screen or keyboard and complete the transaction on the integrated credit card pin pad without having to re-enter the sale amount. The integrated card payment system accepts all credit cards and you can even accept your own private labeled gift card program.

Make this system mobile by adding the Mobile Tablet option. Yep, that's right this system interfaces with a 10" Hand Held Tablet. The tablet and register are communicating in real time. You can take an order on your tablet and access it on your register if you would like. As an example, deploy a cashier or server to your busy drive through lane. Customers love interacting with a server face to face because their order is going to be more accurate than over a speaker plus your cashiers get a better opportunity to upsell your customers. In our opinion your customers are going to be far more inclined to order the desert or beverage with a face to face experience than over a speaker.

There are just so many reasons this system is perfect for your restaurant to list here. We invite you to give us a call and lets schedule a live demonstration over the web. You will be able to see how easily and fast items can be sold and modified. We can also show you how easy programming and reporting is with this hybrid system Call us at 800-863-2274 and let us know your questions or to schedule a demonstration.

Product Feature:
  • Large Flat Keyboard Easily Accommodates 110 menu items
  • 10" Color Touch Screen enhances the fast keyboard for order modifications
  • This system is not cloud based! Your data stays on the system in your business
  • Unlike other systems that require monthly payments forever you can purchase this system outright
  • Use and credit card provider you would like to. We do not tie you to specific credit card providers or contracts like other systems do.
  • Optional Kitchen printer or kitchen video display system
  • Optional Tablet Option
  • Optional Integrated credit card payments and Gift Cards
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