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SAM4s Cash Register Support and Service

We support SAM4s cash registers all over North America. From our office in Seattle we offer programming and support for SAM4s cash registers for everything from sales tax changes to complete programming. Many of the SAM4s models even allow for us to email you program changes or sending via flash drive or SD card. If you need training on using your SAM4s cash register we do that as well. We are also experts on payment processing directly on SAM4s registers. If you require programming for your SAM4s cash register please select from the items below. After your purchase we will contact you to arrange the programming or support. Should you require more services than you see listed below please call us. We program, train and install Datacap credit card interface on the flowing SAM4s models. ER180, ER-180T, ER-240, ER-350, ER-350II, ER-380, ER-380M, ER-390, ER-390M, ER-650, ER-655 ER-920, ER-925, ER-940, ER-945, ER-5115, ER-5115-II ER-5200M, ER-5215M, ER-5240M, SPS-320, SPS-340, SPS-345, SPS-520F, SPS-520R, SPS-530F, SPS-530R, SPS-1000 and the SPS-2000 touch screen cash register. If you don't see your model then please call us at 800-863-2274