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Sharp ER-A440 Cash Register

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Product Description

The Sharp ER-A440 cash register has not been made for a while and parts are very scarce since Sharp closed their cash register division. There are several good SAM4s replacements. The best replacement for the Sharp ER-A440 may be the SAM4s SPS-345 cash register. Although the Sharp ER-A440 has not been made for a while we can still provide programming support for them. We help customers all over North America program their cash register over the phone. We still have service keys for them and PDF manuals are also available. So if you are not ready to replace your ER-A440 we can help you change the tax rates etc for our normal telephone support rates. If you are ready to replace your Sharp cash register feel free to call us and we will recommend a good SAM4s to replace it with that best suits you 800-863-2274 We also have the closest fitting cash drawer insert for this register too, not the original as they are all gone but a close second.

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