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Datacap TwinTran Server

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Product Description

The Datacap TwinTran Server is the device required to integrate you SAM4s cash register with credit card payments. The TwinTran Server allows you to connect multiple SAM4s Cash Registers, only one Datacap TwinTran server is needed per store. This device turns your cash registers into credit card terminals. The TwinTran connects via IP and Telephone for back up in case your Internet is disabled. Many Gift Card companies also are certified with your cash register and the TwinTran server. The Datacap device also allows you to connect your SAM4s cash register or other POS device to an EMV enabled Pin Pad. This allows you to accept EMV chipped cards directly at your cash register. Our company has years of experience connecting cash registers with Datacap devices to facilitate accepting credit cards and gift cards directly at your cash register. Please feel free to contact us to discuss a sound strategy for your payment processing on your cash register or POS system. Prices do not include PDC, VeriFone VX-805 Pin Pad or support.

Product Feature:
  • Connects Cash Registers and POS to Credit Card Payments
  • Supports Gift Card
  • Supports EMV with approved platforms
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