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Code 5000av Bar Code Scanner with Age Verification

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Click here to view the Down a brochure on the Code 5000AV age verification bar code scanner for SAM4s cash registers in Acrobat Reader (308 kb). Right click on the link to save the brochure onto your hard drive.

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Product Description

The Code 5000av Bar Code scanner servers two purposes. Not only it is a fast and accurate image scanner the Code 5000av is also an age verification system. Yes you read that correctly, scan your items and scan your customers' ID to ensure they are old enough to buy tobacco or alcohol in your state. AAMVA-compliant driver licenses and military identification cards are instantly scanned and the age verified back to the cashier. With a device this easy to use there is no excuse for cashiers not to check age or to get the age wrong. The Code 5000av scanner will check for multiple ages for example 18 for tobacco (most states) and 21 for beer, wine and liquor. While the Code 5000av works well with SAM4s cash registers and other POS devices it will work as a standalone just to check ID's. Please let us know if you have any questions at 1-800-863-2274

Product Feature:
  • Reads all barcoded identification cards
  • Does not require a PC or manual management of data
  • Audible tone alerts user of underage patron
  • May be configured for primary and secondary minimum ages
  • Hands-free operation or optional trigger reading.
  • Quickly reads barcodes from mobile device screens
  • Efficient power consumption
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